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Student studying under a blossoming tree in the spring Student studying under a blossoming tree in the spring

About Us

Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) is one of two accredited institutions of Community Colleges of Spokane. SFCC is an educational leader, providing affordable programs of the highest quality with faculty and staff dedicated to excellent instruction and student success. We have options for anyone looking to attain a career/technical degree or certificate, transfer to a four-year university or continue their education with our expanding applied bachelor's degree programs. Our main campus is located in west Spokane with locations in PullmanFairchild Air Force Base and online

Our Mission, Core Theme, & Vision


Spokane Falls Community College meets the needs of our community by advancing student achievement through quality, accessible learning opportunities that embrace diversity, promote equity, and foster global awareness.

Core Themes

We fulfill our mission through five core themes:

  • Excellent Instruction/Learning
    SFCC faculty, students, and administration commit to excellence in instruction and learning.

  • Student Achievement
    SFCC provides students with the tools and opportunities to achieve their goals.

  • Broad Access
    SFCC opens access to all students through a variety of teaching methods, modalities of instruction and services, and locations.

  • Diversity, Equity, Global Awareness
    SFCC advances diversity, promotes equity, and prepares students to live responsibly in an increasingly global civilization.

  • Responsiveness to Community Needs
    SFCC meets the changing needs of our community stakeholders through collaboration and innovation.


SFCC is an educational leader and partner with the community and region in providing flexible, responsive programs of the highest quality. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to student success, cultural enrichment and lifelong learning in a student-centered environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

Core Values

  1. Academic Excellence in which both the learner and teacher are responsible for the learning that reflects intellectual vitality, curiosity, creativity, and rigor.

  2. Academic Freedom in which we recognize freedom of speech, expression and ideas as well as the rights of students, faculty, and staff involved in intellectual inquiry in the development of knowledge.

  3. Collaboration in governance and working collegially in partnerships which recognize the synergy resulting from broad participation and valuing all voices.

  4. Diversity in our students, faculty, staff and community in the belief that it enriches our learning and growth.

  5. Personal Excellence which reflects integrity and caring in the entire work of the college.

  6. Respect for each other in recognition of diverse life experiences and the promotion of collegiality based on the belief in human rights and the dignity of each individual.

  7. Student Success enhanced by our comprehensive support services designed to help students succeed.

  8. Environmental Stewardship through which we demonstrate our respect and responsibility for the natural environment.

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