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Two prosthetics student examining a finished piece. Two prosthetics student examining a finished piece.

I Want to Train for a Job

Some of the most popular programs at Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) are considered career and technical because they offerstudents the skills they need and launch them into high-wage, in-demand job markets. Take a look at the different ways you can train for a job at SFCC. 

Career Transitions

Do you want to update your skills to get back into the workforce? Are you interested in changing jobs? Our six-week Career Transitions program is a great place to start for those facing major life changes, like divorce or unemployment. If you have been out of the job market for a while, we can help get you the skills you need to succeed. 

Career & Technical Areas of Study

If you're looking for an academic program that offers skilled training and high wage, in demand jobs, take a look at our list of career and technical programs.

Addiction Studies Area of Study

  • Addiction Studies - AAS

  • Addiction Studies - Certificate

Audio Engineering Area of Study

  • Audio Engineering - AAS

  • Audio Engineering - Certificate

Business Management Area of Study

  • ​Business Management - AAS

  • Business Management - Certificate

Retail Management Area of Study

  • Retail Management - Certificate

Social Media Marketing Area of Study

  • Social Media Marketing - Certificate

Business and Software Applications Area of Study

  • ​Business and Software Applications -  Certificate

Business Technology and Software Specialist Area of Study

  • ​Business Technology and Software Specialist - Certificate

Office Assistant Area of Study

  • Office Assistant - Certificate

Administrative Assistant Area of Study

  • Administrative Assistant - AAS

Administrative/Computer Specialist Area of Study

  • Administrative/Computer Specialist - AAS

Digital Marketing Area of Study

  • Digital Marketing - AAS

  • Digital Marketing - Certificate

Digital Media Production Area of Study

  • Digital Media Production - AAS-T

Early Childhood Education Area of Study

  • Early Childhood Education - AAS

  • Early Childhood Education - AAS-T

  • Early Childhood Education - Certificate

  • Early Childhood Education: Administration - Certificate

  • Early Childhood Education: Family Child Care - Certificate

  • Early Childhood Education: General - Certificate

  • Early Childhood Education: Infant-Toddler Care - Certiticate

  • State Early Childhood Education - Certificate

Education Paraeducator

  • Education Paraprofessional, Special Education - AAS

  • Early Childhood Education Option - AAS

  • School Library Media Technician Option - AAS

  • Education Paraprofessional, Special Education Certificate

Social Services & Gerontology Area of Study

  • Social Services & Gerontology - AAS

Graphic Design Area of Study

  • Graphic Design - AAS

  • Graphic Design - AAS-T

Health/Fitness Technician Area of Study

  • Health/Fitness Technician - AAS

Hearing Instrument Specialist Area of Study

  • Hearing Instrument Specialist - AAS

Computer Science & Information Systems Area of Study

Interior Design Area of Study

  • Interior Design - AAS

  • ​Interior Design - AAS-T

Interpreter Training Area of Study

  • Interpreter Training Program - AAS-T

  • Interpreter Training Program - Certificate

Library and Information Services Area of Study

  • Library and Information Services - AAS

  • Library and Information Services - Certificate

Occupational Therapy Assistant Area of Study

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant - AAS

Orthotics and Prosthetics Area of Study

  • Orthotics and Prosthetics - AAS

  • Orthotics and Prosthetics - Certificate

Photography Area of Study

  • Photography - AAS

Physical Therapist Assistant Area of Study

  • Physical Therapist Assistant - AAS

Social Services & Gerontology Area of Study

  • Social Services & Gerontology - AAS