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Prepare for College

Spokane Community College (SCC) offers affordable College Prep. If you want to go to college, but you’d like to get a head start on your academic journey, College Prep may be right for you.

In College Prep, you will get a chance to review and practice academic reading and writing skills, brush up your math skills, and learn college success skills. 

Who should take College Prep?

  • You want to start a degree or certificate program

  • You just finished high school or your GED but you have not started college

  • You got your high school diploma or GED a long time ago and you want to refresh your skills

  • You would like to improve your English and math skills before you start college

College Prep Course Details

Classes require participation and regular attendance. There is homework too. College Prep is offered every quarter and is made up of three types of classes.

All students take either an English or a math class. Some students take both English and math. All students take a college success course.

  1. English - Academic reading, writing, and grammar
  2. Math - A counselor will help you choose the right math class. 
  3. College Success (SCC)

A counselor will help you choose a college success class which matches your academic journey. You will receive college credit on completion.

  • Technical Education Navigation and Strategies for Success (APLED102)
  • Strategies for Success (GUID102) 
  • College and Career Strategies for Business Technology (BT152)
  • Steps to Success in Health Careers (HED103)
  • College Success (SFCC) – learn general college success skills.

Steps to Enroll

Email: or call (509) 533-7221.

Tell us you are interested in enrolling in the College Prep Program.

You will work with a counselor to make sure that College Prep is the right pathway for you, to get advice on your math track, and which college success class to take.


$25 a quarter, tuition assistance be available to those who qualify.

Locations and Schedule

Spokane Community College

Monday through Thursday
Call 509-533-7221 for information and specific times

Students who park on campus must buy a parking pass.
More Information: 509-533-8624

Rural Locations

Colville: 509-685-2120 or 800-276-8040
Inchelium: 509-722-3702
Newport: 509-447-3835 or 888-323-2399
Pullman: 509-332-2706 or 888-743-4767
Republic: 509-775-3675 or 800-276-8040, ext. 6410