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What has life experience taught you?

Academic Credit for Prior Learning (ACPL) helps you gain college credit through evaluation of life experiences. So do you qualify? Let’s have a talk and find out.

How do I get credit for experience?

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Check out the seven methods listed below that we use to evaluate prior learning experiences in order to possibly turn them into credit.  


Training or classes taken in the military could qualify for college credit. 

  • DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSSTs)
  • Armed Forces-Military Education and Experience evaluation by American Council of Education (ACE)


Get credit for tests you have already completed. Currently, the following tests are accepted for college credit:

SFCC is proud to offer ACPL credits for the Salish language. Email for more information!

Work Experience

We value training completed through noncredit on-the-job training and can work with you to see how your industry knowledge can count as college credit.

Do you have any industry certifications, training and licenses?

We recognize some industry training as being equal to our courses. For example, if you have Microsoft Office Suite certification, you may be eligible to receive credit for some of our business technology course. You can view the full list of certificates, training or licenses Spokane Community College (SCC) accepts.

Also, you might be able to take a test which allows you to skip a required class.


With support from faculty and staff, you can earn ACPL credit by completing a portfolio class. You highlight your knowledge and develop a detailed document proving you are an expert. Standard tuition and fees apply.

How do I get started?

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Do you have college-level learning based on prior learning experiences?

Because each student has their own life experiences, all assessments for Academic Credit for Prior Learning are evaluated individually to ensure a student's specialties aren’t compared to other students' experiences. 

Check in with us first.

We want to know more about your experiences before you start the ACPL process. Call or email to make an appointment.
Contact the Prior Learning assessors to discuss your goals and degree plans.  
You meet with a ACPL assessor to discuss the following:

  • General question about the ACPL program.

  • Thorough explanation of the ACPL process.

  • References to specific department and/or faculty members.

Contact Information

Spokane Community College Spokane Falls Community College
ACPL Coordinator
Christine Burge, Associate Registrar
ACPL Coordinator

ACPL Application

Complete the Application for Prior Learning Assessment form.

Note: Application and payment of fee does not guarantee credit being awarded. 

Who Can Apply:

CCS Achievement Awards
What you need to know

The Academic Credit for Prior Learning application includes the general policy, but the following requirements should apply to you.

Be a Student

You must earn 10 credits at Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) before PLA credits are granted.
Not a student yet?  Apply now.


There is a nonrefundable fee for PLA assessment, due at the Cashier’s Office before reviewing begins.
No fees exceptions: AP, ACE, CLEP, DSST, IB, military education and Industry Certifications & Licensures (with established crosswalk).


  • Subject to departmental approval.

  • Does not count toward residence credits.

  • Cannot combine with other benefit programs including: veteran’s benefits, or student financial assistance program.

  • Credits will not exceed 25 percent of required credits for graduation.

  • Credits cannot go towards a course you have already enrolled in, or audited in the past.