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Students walking between classes at SFCC. Students walking between classes at SFCC.

Admissions Forms

Admissions/Registration Forms - SFCC

Addressing Student Concerns

Do you have a problem or concern with faculty or staff? Not sure how to resolve it? SFCC has a procedure to help you! Click here for addressing Student Concerns.

Application Forms

Complete and submit online:
Application for Admission (accepted at all Washington Community Colleges) test
Student Update Form CCS 40-194
Download using Adobe Acrobat Reader, complete online, then print (signature required) and mail with payment (if required):
International Student Application for Admission - SFCC CCS 40-114
Graduation Application - SFCC CCS 4005

Registration Forms

Download using Adobe Acrobat Reader, complete online, then print (signature required) and bring to the Registration Office in person. Be sure to meet important quarterly deadlines.

Please fill out the following form when keeping at least one class:
Registration Add/Drop Form CCS 40-164 PDF | Word
Please fill out the following forms when dropping all classes:
Official Withdrawal Form CCS 40-133
Student grade change request form CCS 40-338 PDF | Word
Withdrawal Certification Form CCS 40-207
Prior Learning Assessment Form
Program Change Request Form
Tuition Waiver Form, CCS Employees CCS 40-130
Tuition Waiver Form, Washington State Employee/Public Higher Education Employees CCS 4093

Other Popular Forms

CCS Forms A-Z
Accident report CCS 1220 PDF | Word
Alumni Association membership SCC LinkedIn application | SFCC LinkedIn application
Authorization to Release Financial Information CCS 2138
FERPA Release Form CCS 40-200
Letter of Recommendation FERPA Release Form CCS 40-211
Grade Forgiveness Form CCS 40-225
Harassment/Discrimination Incident Notification Form CCS 1691
High School Completion Form
Hearing instrument specialist program enrollment packet
Prerequisite Request
Repeat Course Exceptions Procedure and Petition for Enrollment into a Class
Student Information Update CCS 40-194
Traffic Citation Appeal (for contesting parking violations)
Underage Admissions Requirements CCS 40-221
Workstudy Hourly Timesheet