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There are various ways to take classes. These are referred to as modalities or modes of instruction.

Some common definitions of instructional modes are below.

in-person icon.

In-Person (P)

What It Is: Good old traditional class. You'll come to campus and sit in a classroom with your instructor and classmates at scheduled times. Expect some use of online tools.

Example: Every Thursday evening, you're in class from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., learning face-to-face.

Online Asynchronous icon.

Online Asynchronous (OA)

What It Is: Here, you get to choose when you study, as long as you meet deadlines. There are no scheduled class meetings, but your instructor might offer optional times to meet online for extra help.

Example: You'll do all your learning online, on your own schedule. But, your teacher might have office hours or special sessions you can join if you want.

Online Asynchronous with In-Person icon.

Online Asynchronous with In-Person (OB)

What It Is: Like the OA classes, but with a twist. You'll still study on your own time, but there will be a few times you need to come to campus for exams or to pick up/drop off materials.

Example: All learning is on your time, but count on being on campus a couple of times for big tests or to get and return course materials.

hybrid icon.

Hybrid (HY)

What It Is: A mix of in-person and online learning. Some classes will be on campus, and others will be online, either at a set time or on your own schedule.

Example: You might be on campus a couple of days a week, and then have online sessions or work to do on the other days.

flexible icon.

Flexible (FL)

What It Is: The ultimate in flexibility. You can choose to be in the classroom or study on your own time. You may even be able to join live online. And you can switch it up as often as you like.

Example: You might start the week in the classroom, join a live video session mid-week, and then study on your own time for the rest of the week.

Online Scheduled icon.

Online Scheduled (OS)

What It Is: Think of this as a virtual classroom. You'll join your classmates and instructor online, on specific days and times, just like you would for an in-person class, but through a video conference tool. Sometimes, there might be activities that you can do on your own time, too. And yes, you might have exams that you take online with someone watching (proctored) to make sure everything's fair.

Example: Imagine logging into a video call every day at 9:00 a.m. for a 50-minute class. That's what this is like.

Online Scheduled with In-Person icon.

Online Scheduled with In-Person (OW)

What It Is: Mostly, you'll be in the virtual classroom at set times, just like the OS classes. But, you'll also need to come to campus a few times for things like exams or special activities. Don't worry; there won't be more campus visits than the number of credits the class is worth.

Example: You'll meet online for class every day at 9:00 a.m. But, plan on visiting campus twice during the quarter for midterms and finals, and maybe once at the beginning to pick up or at the end to drop off materials.

Online Learning Definition Table.

**Computer Setup requires a computer with internet as well as a webcam, speaker, and a microphone.