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Online classes are taught by the same outstanding faculty members who teach at the SCC and SFCC campuses.

An online student is no different from a student taking classes on campus. Your diploma and transcripts look the same whether you take your program in an online, hybrid, or face-to-face format.

You also apply to college the same way. Once you select your program, apply at either SCC or SFCC

There are various ways to take classes other than in-person. These are referred to as modalities or modes of instruction. Some common definitions are below. 

  • Online: A course that uses web-based tools and where 100 percent of the instruction and interaction between instructor and student is done online. (Proctored exams still allow for this classification).

    • Asynchronous: An online course that does not require students to attend online meetings or lectures on specific days and times. Students work on their courses at times that work best for them as long as quizzes, assignments, discussion posts, etc. are completed and submitted on time. Most online classes are asynchronous and you can typically tell if they are asynchronous when no dates or times are listed in the class details in ctcLink.

    • Synchronous: An online course that has required online meetings or lectures that students need to attend on specific days and times. If your class is synchronous, you can typically find the meeting schedule by going to your ctcLink student account and looking at the class details.

  • Hybrid: A course where students are required to learn both in-person and online.

  • Optional F2F or Online: A course where students can choose whether to learn in-person or online.



Explore our online programs

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Two Colleges – Many Online Degree Options

Earn a degree that accommodates your personal and work life. Many of the degrees and certificates offered at both colleges are available to online students. Real world degrees – same trusted faculty.


Meet your Student Success Coach

As an online student, you can choose to be placed in the online student community where you:

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  • Qualify for priority registration in your online classes.
  • Receive support and assistance from the Success Coach.
  • Gain access to resources and information pertinent to online learning.
  • Socialize and network with other online students.

If you'd like to be a part of this community, please contact a success coach at 509-222-8522 or