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Welcome back to the 2023-24 season of K-12 presentations at the SFCC Planetarium!

We are excited to work with you and your students this year as you explore academic topics in astronomy. You will use our K-12 Planetarium Request Form to request your reservation with us. You will receive a reply from the planetarium email when your date/time has been confirmed. We cannot process direct requests via email, so please make sure use the form and answer all sections before submitting.

Note: We have limited homeschool options available and these are designated on the form. Please do not choose other dates if you are a homeschool group.

SFCC Public Planetarium Presentations

Bring your curiosity, let us do the rest! Visit the starry night in our dome and explore the cosmos. Let’s discover the universe together!

Buying Tickets

Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for CCS students with valid ID and children ages 3-18. Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a different show time/date. The Planetarium is in Building 28, Room 142.

Saturday presentations are designated ‘Kid Shows’ and will always feature Earth, Moon & Sun. While these presentations are designed to reach our younger audience, they are appropriate for the whole family!

Dark Universe Movie Cover
Dark Universe

Dark Universe celebrates a new age of discovery in the cosmos and investigates two of its deepest mysteries: dark matter and dark energy. Explore the Milky Way galaxy with exploding supernovas, and spectacular scenes the Galileo probe’s breathtaking plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Dec 1 – 3
Tickets go on sale – October 20

Shows start promptly at their designated times!

Black Holes Movie Cover
Black Holes

Audiences will be dazzled with striking, immersive animations of the formation of the early universe, star birth and death, the collision of giant galaxies, and a simulated flight to a super-massive black hole lurking at the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

The Saturday presentation will instead feature Earth, Moon and Sun for our specially designated “Kid Shows”. See the movie description below!

Jan 26 – 28
Tickets go on sale – December 8

Shows start promptly at their designated times!

Secret Lives of Stars Movie Cover
Secret Lives of Stars

Not all stars are created equal. The specific characteristics of a star will determine what type of life it will lead, how long it might live and even the type of death it will die. Explore the life cycles and diversity of stars in the universe.

Mar 1 – 3
Tickets go on sale – February 2

Shows start promptly at their designated times!

Planet Nine Movie Cover
Planet Nine

With all the controversy surrounding Pluto’s status as a planet it is easy to lose track of the bigger story—a rich new class of worlds is being uncovered in the outer solar system. These discoveries strongly suggest that there may be an unknown world, far beyond the other eight planets, a world much larger than anything discovered in that region so far. Come join astronomer Mike Brown, “Pluto Killer,” on the journey toward the scientific discovery of the century—the discovery of Planet Nine. Adler Planetarium/Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics.

Apr 12 – 14
Tickets go on sale – March 8

Shows start promptly at their designated times!

Solar Superstorms Movie Cover
Solar Superstorms

Solar Superstorms takes viewers into the tangle of magnetic fields and superhot plasma that vent the Sun’s rage in dramatic flares, violent solar tornadoes, and the largest eruptions in the solar system - coronal mass ejections.

May 17 – 19
Tickets go on sale – April 19

Shows start promptly at their designated times!

Earth, Moon & Sun Movie Cover
Earth, Moon & Sun

Why do the Sun, Moon, and stars seem to move across the sky? Why are different evening star patterns visible at different times of the year? Why does the Moon seem to change shape from time to time? This amusing and educational planetarium show explores the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun. 

Private Presentation Rentals

Limited private planetarium presentations are available throughout the academic school year. Please email the planetarium staff for details. Fees begin at $10 per person with a minimum of $100 base price.