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Students practice drawingin the studio Students practice drawingin the studio


Students will develop freehand drawing skills as well as skills related to the rendering of form, texture, and line; explore traditional and contemporary approaches to organization of space; the relationships between figure and ground; and investigate a wide variety of mediums. In painting, students will learn to use the tools, pigments and other materials effectively in making unified compositions for watercolor and acrylic paintings through creating a series of assignments using technical exercises and compositional approaches.


Students have individual work spaces to create their art in each studio. In the drawing studios there are large drawing tables with adjustable chairs for students to use. Our painting studio has large, heavy metal easels that can hold large canvases and drawing boards, wooden ponies for students to sit on, adjustable chairs, and a rolling cart. Instructors will set up a variety of still life materials for students to draw or paint and at times bring in live animals for gestural drawing practice. If students are interested, we have a figure drawing class that allow students to practice drawing the human form using nude models. The maximum class size is 18 students.