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Fine Arts Studios

Fine Arts Studios

Supplies and Materials

Shared supplies are available in the studio and are normally included in your tuition. An additional studio fee will be assessed in classes that use a large volume of these supplies or require special materials. You are responsible for bringing other supplies needed for individual work. Please refer to your instructor’s material list for specific materials needed for your class.

Safety Information

A first-aid kit and fire extinguisher are located in the studio. Alcohol is not permitted in the studios. Working in the studios under the influence of alcohol is not permitted. The use of illegal drugs at Spokane Falls Community College is prohibited.

If you wish to use equipment in other studios on campus during your session, you must work with the instructor, studio assistant, and coordinator of that studio to arrange access. They will determine if the desired usage is compatible with their class’s activities and if you are able to work safely and independently with the equipment.


To view the information for the programs that make use of the labs, visit the Fine Arts page