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Hands carving a linoleum block to make a print Hands carving a linoleum block to make a print


Students will learn various printmaking methods using relief, intaglio and planographic techniques. The instructor may select from metal, stone, wood and linoleum incorporating monotype, stenciling and stamping approaches to help students develop the necessary knowledge of tools, materials and techniques. In screen printing, students will explore the various stencil-making processes and characteristics of water-based screen printing techniques. Paper stencil, drawing fluid, screen filler and photographic techniques will be used. The equipment used by your class will be determined by your instructor and will be appropriate to the techniques covered in your class.


The main classroom is equipped with a variety of presses, inking slab, a flammables cabinet, sinks, wash station, several worktables and a separate ventilated acid room with hood ventilation. The maximum class size is 15 students.