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Row of mugs waiting to be fired Row of mugs waiting to be fired


In the Ceramics Studio, students learn all the basic clay forming, decorating and glazing skills as well as learn ceramic terms. They will understand how to build pieces by hand and use the wheel.


The classroom is divided up into different areas:

  • Clay Room: This where all they clay is stored in its dry form and mixed for student use

  • Glaze Room: Where we keep all the chemical compounds for glazes that give the colors to our pieces

  • Kiln Room: We have several kilns available to fire student work

  • Work Area: There is a large area where we have wheels and tables set up for students to work as well as several sinks, storage shelves and rolling racks. This area is well lit with lots of natural light so students can see what they are doing when they are working on projects.

  • The maximum class size is 18 students