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Assembly of a stained glass artwork Assembly of a stained glass artwork


In the sculpture studio students will learn how to safely handle a variety of tools and equipment while exploring traditional and non-traditional forms of expression by working with different types of mediums such as plaster, wood, wire, metal, etc. utilizing all four basic sculptural processes: additive, subtractive, fabricate and casting. The equipment used by your class will be determined by your instructor and will be appropriate to the techniques covered in your class.


The classroom is divided up into three areas:

  • Main Classroom – This is primarily where lectures are held. There are large work tables, some small storage lockers, flammables and acid cabinet, small jewelry work stations, bench shear, sink, ventilated work area and drill press.

  • The Shop – In this area we have many of our large power tools and wood working machines, scrap wood, sink, and a variety of supplies for student use.

  • Multipurpose Area – There is the plaster area, welding pit, the "cage" where we keep small hand tools and equipment, kiln, abrasive wheel, sinks, and is equipped with a variety of hand tools, work tables and hood ventilation.

The maximum class size is 18 students.