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The Visiting Artist Lecture Series invites artists, critics and curators from around the world, loosely linking them by theme of a particular interest.

2023 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Artist Horacio Rodriquez working on a sculpture of a face
Artist Horacio Rodriquez

Lecture Event: Tuesday April 11, 2023 at Eastern Washington University
Lecture Event: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at the SFCC Campus, Building 24 Room 110

Artist Workshop at SFCC: Students will participate and learn to apply vinyl sticker designs to ceramic surface


Horacio Rodriguez creates ceramic sculptures that mimic his layered identity as he explores borders, memory, and cultural identity by fusing on Pre-Hispanic and Mestizo Culture with the visual language of western dominant cultures. Rodriguez is an artist and educator originally from Houston, Texas. Graduate of Montana State University in 2016, Rodriquez has since shown his work extensively, including at Granary Arts and a residency and show at The Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts. In 2020 Rodriquez received the Mellon Foundation Projecting All Voices Fellow out of ASU’s Herberger School of Design where he focused on creating diverse and underrepresented voices in the arts.

Artwork by Horacio Rodriguez
Image Credit:
Artist: Horacio Rodriguez
Title: Huitzilopotchli Cocktails
Medium: Slip cast stoneware, custom decals based on Aztec codices, clear glaze, Coca Cola crate.
Dimensions: 18”x18”x6” Year: 2019

This series available through collaboration and funding from a consortium; Spokane Falls Community College, Eastern Washington University and Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Additional funding for this series is provided through the generous support of the Sahlin Foundation.

All Visiting Artist Lecture Series events are free and open to the public.