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Google street view of The American hotel Google street view of The American hotel

Tales of the American

As part of the Visiting artist Lecture Series and in coordination with art gallery, Stephen Seemayer and Pamela Wilson will present their film and speak about the history of the hotel, the artists who lived there, and those who are a part of this exhibition.

The film and exhibition Tales of the American examines the history of a hotel located in downtown Los Angeles called the American Hotel. The film Tales of the American was written and edited by Pamela Wilson, and directed by Stephen Seemayer. Completed in 2018, the film follows the history of the hotel, those that lived there, and the hotel’s transition from the 1900’s to the early part of the 21st century. The exhibition, that accompanies the film, is a group exhibit of selected works by the artists who lived, played, and worked there.

The Film

From the early 1900’s the hotel, first called the Canadian Hotel, catered to the porters who worked on the railroad. In 1913 it was known as the “wildest night life in town, a hot bed of gambling and illegal activity.” From Dixieland jazz to Tony’s Cafe, Joe Pirrione’s nightclub, to the punk rock dive Al’s Bar, it was a place of transition and change. In the late 80’s it was a last resort for some and new beginnings for others. It was off the grid. Meet the caretaker and gangster George Zarvis. Experience the pinning of Dustin Shuler’s “Pinned Butterfly,” a Cessna airplane nailed to the side of the building. Watch the poetry readings, no talent night and witness art parties known as the “Red Zone.” See the beginnings of the LA punk rock music scene at Al’s Bar where it became a launch pad for bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, Weezer, Black Flag, Los Lobos, Nirvana and the Party Boys. Watch how it went from a flophouse in the 50’s to a chic “Arts District” in 2000.

Work by:

William Acedo, John Carnright, Jamie Colindres, Carlton Davis, Mariam Feldman, Tara Fondiler , Jett Jackson, Greg Jezewski, George Joaquim, Antonio Mendoza, Lilli Miller, Craig O’Rourke, Theodore Svenningsen, Dustin Shuler, Steven Seemayer , Kent Twitchell, Pamela Wilson, Marnie Weber, Jerico Woogon

Cast of characters of The American

Wednesday, October 16

12 noon
Eastern Washington University
Art Building Auditorium, Room 116
For information please contact Jenny Hyde at 509-359-6651 or

Thursday, October 17

11:30 a.m.
Spokane Falls Community College
Building 24, Room 110
Reception to follow in Building 6
For information please contact Tom O'Day at 509-533-3746 or

Thursday, October 17

6:30 p.m.
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC)
2316 West First Avenue, Spokane
For information Please contact David Brum at 509-456-3931 or

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