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Linus as Cupid by Joe Hedges

Inter-media Artwork by Joe Hedges
Exhibition on view: February 22, 2022-March 16, 2022

Joe Hedges is an inter-media artist with a dynamic practice that weaves together oil painting, new media installation and music. His projects often explore the effects of digital technologies on human experience. The works in this exhibition present fragments of Renaissance humanism disrupted by contemporary tech, tools and approaches, reflecting the fraught contours of a digitally mediated existence.

Mother with child Sculpture by Mya Cluff
"Where Do I End, And You Begin?"

Ceramic Sculpture by Mya Cluff January 4, 2022-February 8, 2022

Montana based ceramic sculptor, Mya Cluff searches for the beginnings and endings of self-hood as she navigates interpersonal and societal relationships within a maternal context. As a mother and an artist, Cluff asks the question, “Where do I end, and you begin?” with thought-provoking investigations in figurative sculpture.

Anthony White
2022 Visiting Artist Lecture Series Artist Anthony White

"Fact and Fiction"

The Visiting Artist Lecture Series invites artists, critics and curators from around the world, loosely linking them by theme of a particular interest. This series available through collaboration and funding from a consortium: Spokane Falls Community College, Eastern Washington University and Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. Additional funding for this series is provided through the generous support of the Sahlin Foundation.

Art piece featured in Brainstorming - An Intellectual Sport
Brainstorming - An Intellectual Sport

Brainstorming - An Intellectual Sport
Mixed-media Artwork by Len Davis
October 25, 2021 - November 23, 2021

California based artist, Len Davis exhibits a series of assemblages, collages, drawings, and paintings which dive into the practice of brainstorming itself. The artist plays with the notion of what works visually and conceptually through the addition and subtraction of elements. The self-revelatory process explores his discovery of the brain as a machine that is constantly evolving in developmental space.

jra bike

Photography by June Roys
September 21, 2021-October 20, 2021

Artworks in the exhibition "Travel" are imbued with both personal and formal aspects which evolve through the artist's relationship to color, light, and architectural elements. The Urban Travel series of photographs document the disappearing iconic neon signage of American roadways and is paired with the legacy of vintage bikes that have rolled down the roads for decades.

Art piece featured in Inkswap

Cyndy Wilson Print Exchange Exhibitions and Auction

Work by students, faculty and community at large. 50 prints in a variety of print mediums: Silkscreen, Intaglio, Relief and Mono Prints.

Sam Marroquin standing in her studio
The Uttered and the Unspoken

February & March 2020

Sam Marroquin – Portland artist and SFCC Alum.
A painting exhibition in conjunction with winter quarter student Installation class.

Pareidolia art work collage

Exhibition of nine artists working in a variety of media, from the Portland, Oregon area. David Andersen (drawing and painting), Zachary Andersen (mixed media), Nora Brodnicki (ceramic sculpture), AJ Escobar (sculpture), Stan Evenson (mixed media), Don Olsen (printmaking), Hector Ornelas (painting on found objects), Kate Simmons (sculpture), Justin Taylor (painting on canvas)
January 6 – February 11, 2020

Exhibition of Three
Exhibition of Three

Jodi Sahlin, Janet Sahlin and Peter Jagoda
Jewelry - weaving - metal
October 28 – December 6, 2019

The American Hotel
Tales of the American

Feature film documentary -Stephen Seemayer and Pamela Wilson filmmakers
All media exhibition -20 artists who lived, played and worked at the American Hotel and Al’s Bar.
September 23 – October 25, 2019