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2023-2024 Academic Year Exhibition Schedule

Fall Quarter 2023

Artwork by Tracy Walker
Tracy Petre Walker

Artist: Tracy Petre Walker received her BA and MA from Central Washington University in 1995 and her MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. She is currently a Professor at Columbia Basin College where she teaches painting, drawing, illustration, and art history. Her work explores societal concerns seen using symbolic imagery, vivid color, and complex composition. She has shown both regionally and nationally including solo shows in Wenatchee, Ellensburg, and Shoreline.

Life and Time

On View: September 21–October 19, 2023

Exhibition Programming: October 19, 2023
Artist Lecture: 10:30-11:30 Location: sn-w’ey’-mn Bldg. 24, Room 110
Reception: 11:30-12:30 Location: Gallery Lobby, Fine Arts Building 6

Rocky Mountain Printmaking Symposium Flyer
Rocky Mountain Printmaking Symposium 2023

Venue for the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Symposium: September 20th - October 15th, 2023

SFCC is honored to host exhibiting artists for KISMET, the 6th Biennial Symposium celebrating all things printmaking.

Artists: Tim Musso and Camilla Taylor
Location: SFCC Fine Arts Department, Building 6
Artist: Scott Kolbo
Location: SFCC Library, Building 2 North Entrance second floor.

The exhibit at SFCC is free to attend. To attend the full Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance 6th Biennial Symposium, October 12th-14th, please purchase tickets at

Image is divided into four black and white images of four SFCC Fine Arts graduates “Making Their Mark” as professional tattoo artists. In the center of the image is the text “Making Their Mark.”
Making Their Mark

The SFCC Fine Art Gallery is proud to present four past graduates that are "Making Their Mark" as professional tattoo artists.


  • Bradley Delay
  • Andi Demitri
  • Junior
  • Mike Maloney

Exhibition on View: Nov. 7-Dec.7, 2023
Reception and Gallery Talk: November 16, 2023 11:30-12:30 Fine Arts Building 6

Dates are subject to change, follow @sfcc_fineartgallery for updates to gallery programming.