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Google street view of The American hotel Google street view of The American hotel

Exhibition of Three
October 28– December 6

Jodi Sahlin, Janet Sahlin and Peter Jagoda

jewelry - weaving - metal

Opening reception -October 30, 11:30 -1pm
informal conversations with the artists in the gallery
Building 24, Room 110



Don’t miss this exhibit, the film, the artwork and happenings of the artists who are being displaced by the gentrification of the neighborhood; film, video, drawing, painting, sculpture and more.


January - February 2020

Dave Andersen and Company

David Andersen
Nora Brodnicki
AJ Escobar
Stan Evenson
Kate Simmons
Justin Taylor
Don Olsen
Hector Ornelas

A Collaborative Installation
February - March 2020

Artist - Sam Marroquin in collaboration with the 2020 installation class

April - May 2020

Action at Noon - Tom O'Day

Graduating Students 2020
May - June 2020