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Building 11, Photography Building 11, Photography


Founded in 1965, the photography program at Spokane Falls Community College is an intensive two–year study of visual communications. Students explore career opportunities in commercial photography and multimedia production and have opportunities to interact with industry through field trips, guest speakers and cooperative work experiences.

First year students learn the fundamentals of lighting and composition while surveying career fields. Second year students complete projects with real world scenarios and focus on prevailing trends in the world of digital media production.

Students can earn an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Photography and Digital Media Production.

Equipment for completing the projects is available for loan from the department. Some of the courses, computer labs and facilities are in Building 19, Technical Arts.

The Photography Gallery is in the main lobby of Building 11. It features exhibits from faculty, students, local, regional, national, and international photographic artists.

The image above shows the main entrance. Handicapped parking is nearby, just to the right of the building in parking area P3.