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Building 18, Math and Computing Building 18, Math and Computing


The SFCC Math Learning Center is located on the second floor of Building 18 in room 213. Computer work stations, tutoring, math resources and group study areas are available.

The Business Technology Center offers classes in office systems such as MS Word, Excel and Access. Classes are self-paced.

The Pre-Engineering department offers a two-year program for Chemical, Civil, and Bio Engineering, preparing students to transfer into a four-year program at the junior level.

The Computer Science and Information Systems department offers an Associate's Degree in Applied Technology for Information Technology, Computer and Network Support and Computer Forensics and Network Security. Students can also pursue transfer requirements to a four-year program. Self-paced classes are available in computer applications.

The ground floor is where the amazing Foucault Pendulum can be viewed. The rotation of the earth moves pegs with glass balls in front of a swinging pendulum. It takes 32 hours to complete a full rotation. The pendulum knocks off the glass balls during the rotation.

The picture above shows the side entrance across from Falls Gateway (Building 30). Handicapped parking is available nearby in parking areas P1 and P9.