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Building 24, sn-w'wy'mn Building 24, sn-w'wy'mn


The name sn-w’ey’mn is an Inland Salish language phrase meaning “a place of commerce.” This building is of “green” construction and was completed in 2007-2008, in harmony with our landscape. There are over 67,000 square feet of fabulous views from windows on three levels facing the Spokane River.

The building has modern classrooms, three computer labs and two auditoriums. The Social Sciences and Philosophy Division are on the south side. The Management, Accounting and Economics Division are on the north side.

Service Learning and many faculty offices are located here. The Business program offers an Associates of Business Degree that can transfer to four-year programs in Washington State in Management, Business Administration and Marketing.

This is a view of the west entrance. Handicapped parking is nearby on the east side of the building in parking area P7.