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Building 7, Athletic Center Building 7, Athletic Center


The SFCC Student Athletic Center was recently renovated. There is a brand new fitness center, weight room, training room, two-story climbing wall and Bigfoot Lounge. The gym has been updated with new bleachers, lights, scoreboard and video display.

The Fitness Center provides an indoor place to work out. First time exercisers who want to improve their health are encouraged to come in. Basic fitness testing is performed on an individual basis. Blood pressure, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and flexibility are measured. This information is used to help design individual exercise programs.

The fitness center accommodates people with disabilities by providing specially designed machines that fit wheelchairs. Handicapped parking is available in parking areas P8 and P9.

The gymnasium is where team volleyball and basketball home games are held along with other special events. CCS Athletics also offers other sports opportunities including baseball, softball, track and field, cross country, golf, tennis and soccer.

Requirements for an AA degree include 5 credits of PE, Health and Leisure. There are lots of courses to choose from to fulfill the requirement, including fast fitness, weight training, yoga, ballet, pickle ball, skiing and more.