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Building 13, SFCC Stadium Building 13, SFCC Stadium


Most of the Community Colleges of Spokane’s soccer matches are played in the SFCC stadium, which is a 4000 seat, lighted, fully secured stadium, on a 72 by 115-yard grass field. The field is kept in excellent condition. Regional college level track and field events are held at the stadium.

The stadium has a professional sound system and scoreboard. There is a full sized concession facility and spectator restrooms. Inside the stadium is a team meeting room with audio visual system, staff offices, locker rooms and showers, large exercise room, free-weight training center and storage.

The pristine, park like setting around the stadium allows room for another two soccer fields. It also has an immaculate baseball and softball park. Tennis courts are located behind the ball parks on Custer Drive.

Handicapped parking is available near the stadium seating area in parking lot P10.