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Thank you for visiting our eTutoring page. SFCC offers online tutoring for students who can’t get to campus with SFCC tutors who have taken classes at SFCC. Visit our SFCC, Peer Tutoring Canvas.

We are excited to meet and support you as your fellow students. Meet with us using the link to make a one-on-one appointment. 

The ‘Calendar’ links will give you a view of the schedule for the quarter.  The subject links are where you can book individual appointments through Calendly.

eTutoring, Khan Academy and Writing Toolkit

eTutoring, Khan Academy and Writing Toolkit are great tutoring resources you can use on your own with tutors from all over Washington.


eTutoring LogoIf you have trouble logging in to eTutoring, email with your full name and SID number.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy Logo