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What is MESA at Spokane Falls Community College?

MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) brings students together who are intent on studying math, science, computer science, and engineering. The goals of MESA are to improve diversity and retention in STEM programs. 

Why should I join MESA?

  • Belong to a unique and driven group of students, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to help you succeed in college and beyond

  • Opportunity to meet students with the same classes and career goals as you

  • Exclusive study area with tutors and workshops to help you succeed in your classes

  • Opportunities to become a leader and add to your resume

  • Meet with businesses and science leaders to gain unique insights into industry and research opportunities 

  • Specialized and focused one-on-one advising and teamwork with faculty and staff

  • Community and team-building events

Are you looking to study, transfer, or work in STEM? 

SFCC is one of twelve community colleges to host MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement)! MESA is a state-funded program to support academic and career development of STEM students. MESA works to diversify the STEM workforce with focused efforts toward supporting students marginalized by race, ethnicity, and/or gender. 

Student populations supported by MESA: 

  • Any student interested in pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math

  • Black/African American

  • Latinx/Hispanic

  • Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan, Native or Indigenous American

  • Female-identifying  

SFCC MESA Programming:

  • Student centers

  • Individualized and focused one-on-one advising and teamwork with faculty and staff

  • Peer-led study groups

  • Community and team-building events 

  • Professional development and career building workshops

What degrees does MESA support at SFCC?

Our MESA scholars are interested in the following degrees:

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Earth Science

  • Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Geology

  • Information Technology

  • Mathematics

  • Physics 

Contact information – Learn more!

  • Charles Bland
    Charles Bland
    Mlc/Mesa Program Assistant
  • Sarah Martin
    Sarah Martin
    Dean Comp, Math and Sci
    B.S., Rowan University; M.A., Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • Vicki Moore
    Vicki Moore
    Stem Pathway Specialist