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Prohibition of Financial Incentives and High Pressure Recruitment Tactics

Community Colleges of Spokane (SCC and SFCC) does not and will not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollment or financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting or admissions activities or in making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance.

Spokane Falls Community College prohibits high-pressure recruitment tactics such as making multiple unsolicited contacts (3 or more), including contacts by phone, email, or in-person, and engaging in same-day recruitment and registration for the purpose of securing Service member enrollments.

Step-by-Step Funding and Enrollment Guide

These steps guide veterans through funding and enrollment processes at SFCC.  Call us at 509-533-3900 or 509-533-3504, email us at, or come to the SFCC Veterans Resource Center, Building 17, Upper Concourse, Room 226 for assistance.

Step 1 – Select your payment chapter.

Note: Each payment chapter below includes Veterans Administration (VA) information and processing information specific to SFCC.

Military Tuition Assistance at Spokane Falls Community College

Military Tuition Assistance is a benefit available to eligible service members to pay for tuition costs at SFCC. Each branch has it’s own application processes, criteria for eligibility, and service obligations.

How to Apply for Military Tuition Assistance

The most common funding source for military service members is military tuition assistance (MTA). Eligible service members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard may utilize these funds for tuition purposes. Military Tuition Assistance is a unique and distinct source of financial aid, and is usually paid directly to the institution by the individual service. Spokane Falls Community College offers several options for financial aid. Students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance. Please visit the Apply for Financial Aid for more information. When applying for financial aid (federal, state, local and/or institutional), military tuition assistance is the first form of aid applied to the tuition charges on the student’s account.

Applying for Military Tuition Assistance

Applying for tuition assistance will vary depending on the branch of service; however, below are the overall steps needed to complete the process:

  1. Prospective students should discuss their plans with their military supervisor, as commander approval is often needed
  2. Meet with an Education Services Officer (ESO) or a military education counselor prior to enrollment.
  3. Obtain information on Military Tuition Assistance (MTA), including the Service’s eligibility requirements, responsibility, etc.
  4. Apply for Military Tuition Assistance through the Service’s respective portal (account registration needed to use portal)
  5. Receive Military Tuition Assistance approval
  6. Submit Military Tuition Assistance Approval to Spokane Falls Community College; register for approved courses

SFCC Financial Aid links

Step 2 – Apply for educational benefits.

Go to Educational Benefits to begin applying. Read the information carefully. When you are ready to apply, go to “Select Correct Form” and follow the instructions. Complete and submit the form, and be sure to save the confirmation number. It takes the VA about one month to process your application. The VA sends you a certificate of eligibility via the US Postal Service to the address on the application. Our office needs this certificate to certify you for your education benefits. For information about this step, call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

If you have already used benefits at SFCC or another school, you only need to submit the Change of Program or Place of Training form for your benefit type.

  • Chapters 30, 33 or 1606, use 22-1995.

  • Chapter 35, use 22-5495.

  • Chapter 31, contact your vocational counselor.

Step 3 – Select your program of study and apply.

Consult an academic counselor about your program of study, including program content and availability. Counseling is located in the Gateway Bldg. 30, upper concourse room 243. Phone: 509-533-3525.

Apply for admission to SFCC using the orange "Apply" button at the top of this page. Should anyone but you need to access information regarding your students records, you must complete and submit the FERPA Authorization to Release Information Form Student Records form.

Step 4 – Complete English & Math Placement

High school transcripts are used for math and English course placement for those who have graduated high school within the last five years. Email your high school transcript to

If you have already completed college-level math or English courses, be sure to request your official transcripts be sent to SFCC so they can be evaluated as possible pre-requisites.

SFCC also offers a direct self-placement online activity for students who do not qualify for transcript-based placement. Email for more information!

Contact the Bigfoot Discovery Center with any questions!
Phone: 509-533-3401

Step 5– Request transcripts.

Request transcripts from all colleges you have attended and have them sent to:

Spokane Falls Community College
Admissions MS 3011
3410 W. Whistalks Way
Spokane WA 99224-5288

SFCC can only certify your classes to the VA for three quarters before your transcript(s) arrive(s).

Step 6 – Make appointment with the SFCC veteran’s coordinator.

The veteran’s coordinator is one of your best resources on campus. Contact the coordinator in Building 17, Upper Concourse, Room 226, call 509-533-3900 or 509-533-3504, or email

Step 7 – Petition for Graduation.

You must submit your Petition for Graduation the quarter before you are scheduled to graduate.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at