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Gabriel Valenzuela
Spanish Club facebook

The purposes of the Spanish Club are:

  1. To build a strong and thriving Spanish Club at Spokane Falls Community College.
  2. To promote the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking peoples.
  3. To assist students at Spokane Falls Community College in the learning of the Spanish language.
  4. To participate in activities within the surrounding communities that are related to the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking peoples.
  5. To host events and activities that assist students to learn more about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking peoples and issues that relate to them.

These shall be accomplished through various activities including, but not limited to: film showings; the celebration holidays of Spanish-speaking peoples; Spanish conversation group; participation and support of the Intercultural Week celebration; sponsoring of guest speakers and/or performers, sponsoring of events related music, dance, and food of Spanish-speaking peoples.