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Harumi Norasakkunkit

About the Club

The Japanese Culture Club combined the past Japanese Club and the anime Club to create a unique club that invites anyone interested in participating in cultural activities.

We meet every Friday at 11:30 pm, Bldg. 5, Room 116.

Please email your questions or comments to

We hope to see you there!

Past Events/Activities

  • Visiting Mukogawa (Japanese Women's University)
  • Making Sushi
  • Making Onigiri (rice ball)
  • Mochi (Japanese sweet sticky rice cake) party
  • Origami (paper folding)
  • Shodo (Calligraphy) & Sumi-e (Japanese black ink painting with bamboo brush)
  • Japanese games
  • Japanese dance workshop
  • Having a Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player
  • Watching Japanese animes, videos