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Students and teachers work together in groups Students and teachers work together in groups


Team-Teaching Helps Students Find Success


Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program (I-BEST) quickly teaches students literacy, work, and college-readiness skills so they can move through school and into living wage jobs faster. Both SCC and SFCC offer college-credit classes that combine college coursework with basic skills training and assistance. This helps you begin earning college credits while increasing your skills and getting settled as a college student. You get the help you need from a pair of team teachers in your classroom while studying in the career field of their choice.

I-BEST classes are used both in technical education courses and academic transfer courses.

I-BEST challenges the traditional notion that students must move through a set sequence of basic education or pre-college (remedial) courses before they can start working on certificates or degrees. The combined teaching method allows students to work on college-level studies right away, clearing multiple levels with one leap.

How does it work?

Our I-BEST programs vary between one and three quarters in length and emphasize practical skills that local employers have identified as necessary and valuable.

Most programs qualify for additional funding if federal financial aid is not an option.

Our class offerings change, but can include areas such as business, nursing assistant and aviation maintenance. For the most updated list of offerings, visit the I-BEST program information page.


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