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    Ursula Heflick

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    bldg. 16, rm. 102 B


    If you enjoy helping people, empathize with others, and are passionate about being an advocate, a career in social or community services might be the right fit for you. 

    Integrated Community Services courses explore interpersonal communication, restorative justice, counseling techniques, social policy, and many more subjects. They prepare you to work in a rewarding and challenging field with a high demand for well-prepared providers.

    Whether you want to help youth, adults, or seniors, a degree in Integrated Community Services will enable you to make a positive difference in neighborhood centers, child protective agencies, work release programs, residential facilities, and a variety of other settings.

    ICS classes are offered online and on the ground, and students can start in any quarter of the academic year. Many students work in the field while taking classes. For those who have prior work experience in the social services or behavioral health field, a Prior Learning Assessment may be available with program approval.