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A PLUS loan can help a student secure additional loan funding above what they have received with the student loans.

In order to qualify for the under-graduate Parent PLUS loan, the student must complete the entire financial aid process, including turning in all required paperwork. It is recommended that a student take the subsidized and/or unsubsidized loans out before the PLUS loan is certified, as they tend to have lower interest rates, though it is not mandatory.

The PLUS loan application must be completed by the parent borrower. Parents must have their own verified Federal Student Aid identification number.

Application Steps for a PLUS Loan

  1. Apply for a Parent PLUS loan.

  2. Make sure to complete the PLUS MPN.

    • If you forgot your FSA ID or need to apply for one, go to the FAFSA website.

  3. SFCC will receive your loan request electronically. Once the loan amount is determined, we will send you an authorization form for approval via mail.

  4. SFCC Financial Aid will contact the parent via mail, with additional information regarding and next steps.

  5. Please contact the Financial Aid office with any questions at 509-533-3550.