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Lou Lou Pink - The Art of Conditioning
3 Emerging

Jamie Nadherny      
Eva Hilary
Marilyn Runyan (EM Jackson)
October 2018 - November 2018

Lou Lou Pink - The Art of Conditioning

Forgery by Joe Guarisco - illage Road Auver’s, Paul Cezanne

Joe Guarisco - watercolor on paper
Stan Miller - watercolor and egg tempera on paper
Seth Tane - oil on canvas
September - October 2017

Village Road Auver’s - Paul Cezanne, Forgery by Joe Guarisco, Watercolor on paper
(Size of a postage stamp)

Angela White Artwork
Mixed Media Traps

Angela White
April - May 2017

Installation view
Cut one dollar bills of frost and rain with found wire sculpture made by the current in the Spokane river

A Tribute to Chris Sublett

Chris Sublett
October - November 2017

Sonder Exhibit

CFA and AFA Graduation Exhibition 2018
May 21 – June 8, 2018