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Cyndy Wilson Print Exchange Exhibitions and Auction

Work by students, faculty and community at large. 50 prints in a variety of print mediums: Silkscreen, Intaglio, Relief and Mono Prints.

Sam Marroquin standing in her studio
The Uttered and the Unspoken

February & March 2020

Sam Marroquin – Portland artist and SFCC Alum.
A painting exhibition in conjunction with winter quarter student Installation class.

Pareidolia art work collage

Exhibition of nine artists working in a variety of media, from the Portland, Oregon area. David Andersen (drawing and painting), Zachary Andersen (mixed media), Nora Brodnicki (ceramic sculpture), AJ Escobar (sculpture), Stan Evenson (mixed media), Don Olsen (printmaking), Hector Ornelas (painting on found objects), Kate Simmons (sculpture), Justin Taylor (painting on canvas)
January 6 – February 11, 2020

Exhibition of Three
Exhibition of Three

Jodi Sahlin, Janet Sahlin and Peter Jagoda
Jewelry - weaving - metal
October 28 – December 6, 2019

The American Hotel
Tales of the American

Feature film documentary -Stephen Seemayer and Pamela Wilson filmmakers
All media exhibition -20 artists who lived, played and worked at the American Hotel and Al’s Bar.
September 23 – October 25, 2019

Lou Lou Pink - The Art of Conditioning
3 Emerging

Jamie Nadherny      
Eva Hilary
Marilyn Runyan (EM Jackson)
October 2018 - November 2018

Lou Lou Pink - The Art of Conditioning

Sonder Exhibit

CFA and AFA Graduation Exhibition 2018
May 21 – June 8, 2018

Forgery by Joe Guarisco - illage Road Auver’s, Paul Cezanne

Joe Guarisco - watercolor on paper
Stan Miller - watercolor and egg tempera on paper
Seth Tane - oil on canvas
September - October 2017

Village Road Auver’s - Paul Cezanne, Forgery by Joe Guarisco, Watercolor on paper
(Size of a postage stamp)

Angela White Artwork
Mixed Media Traps

Angela White
April - May 2017

Installation view
Cut one dollar bills of frost and rain with found wire sculpture made by the current in the Spokane river

A Tribute to Chris Sublett

Chris Sublett
October - November 2017