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An Affordable Experience

A year of study at Community Colleges of Spokane is only about $18,000, which will save you tens of thousands of dollars over two years compared to a four-year university. Plus Spokane is a smaller city, with affordable housing. It is much less expensive to live in Spokane than in Seattle or Portland.

Preparing for College Costs


When you arrive to campus, you will need money to pay your tuition in full on or before the first day of class. If your family or placement agency is wiring money to you, please plan ahead for this so your payment can arrive on time to avoid being dropped from classes.

Testing and Books

Academic students will need $30 for the placement testing fee, as well as approximately $300 for books. Purchasing your books before classes begin is important so you do not fall behind in your class and miss important information. Intensive English Language students will need approximately $75 for books.

Housing Payments

Homestay payment must be made at the beginning of each month, and you will be required to make your first payment when you arrive to the home. These payments must be made on time, and directly to the family, not to the school.

Personal Spending Money

Remember to budget in personal spending money for your first quarter in Spokane. If you arrive for winter quarter in December, for example, you may need to acquire warm clothing such as gloves, hat and boots for colder weather. Up to $100 per month of discretionary money is adequate.

Applying for Scholarships

All CCS Scholarships

International students are encouraged to apply for any scholarships available from the CCS Foundation office. You will have to meet the specific requirements for each scholarship if there are any. The General scholarship application period is open from January 03 – March 15 each year.

Every year, the Foundation provides over 300 major scholarships for tuition and books, as well as hundreds of smaller awards to help with testing costs, program fees and emergency needs.