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There are lots of easy and safe ways to get around in Spokane and Pullman. During orientation, you will learn about our Safe Ride Taxi Program that is available to all international students, providing free taxi rides if you find yourself lost or in an unsafe situation.

City Transportation - City Bus

Most students take advantage of our excellent city bus system called Spokane Transit Authority (STA). Your Student ID card is also your bus pass. For current prices (fares) and schedules visit: International students can visit the Global Education office if they have any questions in regard to transportation and bus passes. If you do not have a bus pass, it is $2.00 for each trip, including your transfers.

To take the bus to college:

  • Catch the bus that is most convenient to your home address

  • You may ‘transfer’ at the Plaza, the main station. If you paid cash or used a ticket you will need to ask the bus driver for a transfer.

  • Show the transfer to the bus driver when you get on the next bus

  • Always remember to check when the last bus is running so you can get home. Weekend and evening hours vary.

Bicycling around Spokane

Cycling is a fun way to get around and get some exercise. If you are staying with a homestay, they may have a bike you can use.

  • You must always wear a helmet when you ride a bike. It is the law in Spokane.

  • Be careful to always lock your bike.

  • Cyclists must follow the same rules as car drivers; do not ride on sidewalks.

  • Walk your bike across streets using crosswalks.

  • Most city buses have racks to carry your bike while you ride the bus.

  • Many city streets have clearly marked lanes for bikes; use them when you can.

  • Normally you can ride a bike from April through November, although some people ride their bikes through the winter. If you plan to do this, make sure you have equipment to ride a bike in the snow.

Driving a car

You need a license and insurance to drive a car in the United States. In all of North America, people drive on the right side of the road.

If you have a valid driver’s license from another country or province and you’re registered as a full time CCS student, your license may allow you to drive in Spokane for 6 months. If your license is in a language other than English or French you must also carry a certified translation of it (sometimes called an “International Driver’s License”).

Owning a car is very expensive and is a great responsibility. Do not plan to buy a car until you have lived in Spokane for at least one year so you can become familiar with the area, requirements and other important details of owning a car.

Important Safety Information

  • Always use crosswalks. Drivers here are not used to people walking in front of their cars unless they are at a crosswalk.

  • When you are in a car, be sure you wear the seatbelt. It is the law.

  • Never hitchhike or accept a car ride from someone you do not know. This can be very dangerous and is not culturally accepted.

  • Never go out alone at night. Always walk with a friend or a group of friends.