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Budgeting for Your Education

Waivers are way for certain qualified people to be exempt from paying some or all of their tuition costs. Common types of waivers include military and veteran waivers, Washington state employees, seniors of 60 years of age and more.

For a comprehensive look at current waivers offered navigate to the waivers section of the official Annual CCS Tuition and Fees Booklet.

Common Types of Waivers

Senior Waivers

Community Colleges of Spokane may grant tuition waivers for state-support college credit classes to resident senior citizens who are at least 60 years of age by the first day of instruction of the quarter during which enrollment is desired and are a resident of Washington, regardless of length of such residency.

  • A fee of $2.50 per class (with a maximum of two classes for $5) will be charged.

  • Class fees and parking are additional.

  • Registration must be made in person and will only be accepted on the third through fifth instructional days of the class on a space-available basis.

  • Senior citizens interested in this waiver will not be allowed to create a space by initially enrolling and paying regular tuition and course fees and then withdrawing in order to participate in the waiver program.

  • Waivers shall not be granted to individuals who plan to use credits earned to improve status for credentialing or salary schedule purposes.

WA State/Public Higher Education Employee Tuition Waiver

Permanent Washington state employees employed 50 percent or more may register on a space-available basis using the Washington State Employee/Public Higher Education Employee Tuition Waiver Form CCS Employees may use CCS Employee Tuition Waiver form. Persons wishing to use a waiver may register on the third through fifth days of the quarter and must present the completed waiver form and the SFCC Registration/Add/Drop Form to the admissions office. The cost is $25 per class.

Students are responsible for any additional charges such as class fees, books, photo ID, parking fee, technology fee, etc. Students enrolled in over 6 credits will be charged at the regular tuition rate. Please contact the Admission/Registration Office at 509-533-3512 with any questions.

Note: Employees in the K-12 systems are not eligible for the WA State Employee Waiver. This waiver cannot be used for Continuing Education classes or WAOL Distance Learning Classes.

For more information, please call 509-533-3512.