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What do you need in order to borrow an item?

Library facilities and services are open to all students, faculty, staff and community users free of charge. Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC) students, faculty or staff may check out library materials with a valid college identification card. Guests or community users may check out library materials with a guest library card.

  • College ID Card: Cards are obtained it the Copy Shop, Bldg. 2, lower level.

  • Guest Library Card: issued SFCC library circulation desk.

When you apply for a college ID card or guest library card, you must show a current copy of one of these documents: 

  • Washington State Driver's License

  • State ID

  • Military ID

You Should Also Know

  • Children under the age of 18 may not apply for a library card unless they are registered students enrolled in an SCC or SFCC credit class.

  • Minor-age children must be accompanied by an adult to use the libraries.

  • Library patrons are responsible for all items checked out to their library card and are responsible for notifying the library if their card is lost or stolen.

For a laptop agreement form, click here [hyperlink to attached laptop form]. For a hotspots, GoPro, and projectors agreement form, click here. [hyperlink to attached hotspots, GoPro, and projectors form]


How long can you keep borrowed items?

Check-Out Time Limits

All library materials are checked out at the circulation desk. Renewals may be requested for items online, in person or by phone by calling SFCC at 509-533-3805. You must provide your student ID or guest library card number when calling for renewal.
If a library book is checked out, a “Hold” can be placed on it.  We will notify you when the book is available for checkout.
Sorry, but no holds or reservations can be placed on library technology that circulates, including laptops, internet hotspots, and cameras. 

Students and Employees

  • Maximum items on loan: 40

  • Maximum items claimed returned:10  

Community Users Loan Periods

  • Videos or DVDs:  Two per card

  • Books: Five per card

  • Magazines: Five per card  

Community users are not eligible to check out equipment and may only check out five items total.

Loan Periods for Specific Materials

Books from general collection Three weeks One time only
Periodicals One week One time only
Reserved materials On instructor's direction. No renewal
Media items Varies by item. No renewal
E-readers Seven days No renewal
GoPro cameras 24 hours No renewal
Hotspot mobile WiFi Three weeks No renewal
Laptop computers Three weeks No renewal
Projectors 24 hours No renewal
Graphing Calculator (for details, contact SFCC Math Lab, Bldg 18-213, (509)533-3671)    

How do you access reserved items?

Faculty may ask you to read material they have placed on “Reserve.”  Reserve items may include:

  • Instructor’s personal material

  • Library-owned materials

  • Photocopies of articles

  • Other materials in high demand like textbooks

Materials on reserve are in high demand and short loan periods help make the material available to all members of the class.
In order to allow everyone to use reserve material:

  • Only two items may be checked out at one time.    

  • No hold or renewals are allowed on reserve items.  

Ask for reserve items at the library circulation desk.

What about late fees, fines or lost items?

You are responsible for all items checked out on your ID/library card. Library fines are assessed for material returned late and/or damaged. Fines for overdue material include:


Two-hour reserved items

50 cents per hour overdue

Other reserved items

$5 per day overdue


Maximum fine per overdue item in $25.


General Stacks Circulation

Books, music CD's and magazines

25 cents per day overdue

Videos and DVDs

50 cents per day overdue


Maximum fine per overdue item is $7.50.


Equipment Checkout

Laptop computer $10 per hour/ $75 per day
Laptop case and laptop charger $10 per hour
Camcorder $10 per day
Flip camera $10 per hour
GoPro camera $10 per hour
Hotspot $10 per hour
Projector $10 per hour
Tripod $10 per hour
Other equipment, i.e.: headphones
and flash drives
25 cents per day
E-Readers $5 per day


Lost Items

Lost item status is automatically applied to overdue items. If you paid for a lost item, but locate it and return it within six months of the official due date, the library refunds the replacement charge.

Library privileges are blocked for those owing more than $10 to a library.