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Farmers market at SFCC campus Farmers market at SFCC campus

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Use SFCC GetConnected to discover current service projects and service-learning opportunities. You can also record community service and service-learning hours on GetConnected.

Not all of the service learning/community engagement opportunities listed on the Get Connected site are sanctioned by SFCC. Please contact the Career & Community Engagement Center to verify an agency's status if you are volunteering on your own and not through a class or club.

Service Learning

Service-learning is a method of teaching and learning that engages students in meaningful service to their community through careful integration of academic instruction. Service-learning gives students an opportunity to use knowledge gained in the classroom to address needs in the neighborhood.

Courses which incorporate service-learning vary from quarter to quarter.

Practicum and Clinicals

Service-learning, practicums and clinicals provide high-quality learning opportunities by optimizing teaching and learning through coordination between classroom faculty, individual students and our community partners.

Civic Engagement and Volunteering

While at SFCC, students are encouraged to become involved with the greater Spokane community through civic engagement and volunteering activities. Campus clubs also include volunteering as one of their core values.