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Pullman Campus

Welcome to Pullman Center

We are pleased you are curious about us and interested in fulfilling your educational goals at our Center. We are currently open to the public Monday-Friday, 8-4 pm. You can also meet with us by phone, chat, and email. If you plan to visit in person, please observe the health and safety policies in effect on the WSU Pullman campus. For the most up-to-date information, please check the WSU web resource.

The Pullman Center offers a small-town experience combined with the excitement and diversity of a large university. Even though the WSU campus might seem pretty big, our class sizes are small, and we can provide great individual support to our students.

We serve students earning college credits for individual courses, pursuing an associate of arts or business (AA) or business transfer degree (BTD), first-year completion of the biological and environmental sciences, and Running Start for WA high school juniors and seniors. We also offer adult basic education, GED, and high school completion courses. The partnership with WSU offers our students transfer counseling and puts students on a path to seamless transfer to a four-year WSU degree.

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Special Student Services

SFCC students enrolled full-time at the Pullman Center can expect access to the following WSU Services (services typically require purchase of a WSU CougarCard; other restrictions may apply):

  • Academic counseling for transfer to WSU
  • Admission to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art @WSU
  • Discounts at WSU dining centers
  • Free rides with Pullman Transit
  • General university identification and access to study spaces
  • Math tutoring at the WSU Math Learning Center
  • WSU library system
  • WSU Recreation Center

Spring News

The third annual Pullman STEM Summit proved a huge success! This year’s event focused on teaching and learning in STEM education. A faculty round-table with guest researchers and instructors from WSU and UI, including Valda Black, Kirsten LaPaglia, and Johana Thomas Zapata. The highlight of the event was a series of individual and group presentations and dynamic Q&As by students in STEM classes at the Pullman Center.

Allegra Armstrong

Allegra Armstrong, MFA Creative Writing, reports that students in her English composition course have been deeply engaged in field-writing. Taking advantage of the rich, lively journalistic opportunities at the WSU campus, such as the exhibits and collections at the Schnitzer Art Museum and the Conner Museum, the students engage in out-of-the-box writing and creative engagements with places and people in and around the Palouse.

The CCS Pullman Center serves as a community client to student teams in the WSU senior course on Public Relations Management and Campaign Design taught by Dr. Margaret Ritsch. Under the umbrella of WSU’s Center of Civic Engagement, the student teams help us grow our services to and relationships across the larger community. Dr. Ritsch observes that incorporating service-learning in the course and working with local nonprofits makes the learning experience more relevant to the students and shows that their efforts have a real impact.

Dyan Bledsoe, CCS Pullman ABE faculty and Campus Manager, and Enkhee Engels, CCS Pullman Office Assistant, secured $25,000 funding for improvements at the CCS Center. The upgrades include graphic and environmental design to contribute to a culture of welcoming and belonging for students and furnishings for faculty and employee areas. Punam Dalai, Ph.D. in Analytical and Bioinorganic Chemistry and SFCC Pullman faculty, co-authored a research article, “A model photoheterotrophic protometabolic pathway in membranes assisted by photocatalytic minerals,” in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, a publication of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Dalai’s article contributes to the growing body of research on primordial metabolism during the transition from geochemistry to biochemistry on early earth.

Spring Dates

Apr-Jun Adult Basic Ed, GED/HS+ Open Enrollment, M-Th
Apr 4 First Day of Spring Quarter '22
Apr 10, 1:30 p.m. CCS Pullman at RTOP Theatre for musical Pippin
Apr 16 STEM Students & Faculty Lunch
April 23, 7:30pm CCS at Washington Idaho Symphony for 50th Season Grand Finale
May 21, 7:30 pm CCS Pullman at RTOP Theatre for musical Show Tune
Jun 13, 6:30pm CCS Pullman Commencement
Jun 17 Final Day of School Year 21/22

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