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David Eckard standing on stage in a set David Eckard standing on stage in a set

Flex your artistic muscles and create through images, sound, technology or performance. This program will help you find a career in music, digital media, fine arts, acting, photography or design.

Programs and Courses

Audio Engineering Area of Study

  • Audio Engineering - AAS

  • Audio Engineering - Certificate

Digital Media Production Area of Study

  • Digital Media Production - AAS-T

Drama Area of Study

  • Theatre - AFA

Film Area of Study

  • Film - AA

Fine Arts Area of Study

  • Fine Arts - AFA

  • Fine Arts - Certificate Fine Arts 2D Track

  • ​Fine Arts - Certificate Fine Arts 3D Track

Graphic Design Area of Study

  • Graphic Design - AAS

  • Graphic Design - AAS-T

Interior Design Area of Study

  • Interior Design - AAS

  • ​Interior Design - AAS-T

Journalism Area of Study

  • Journalism - AA with Emphasis

Music Area of Study

  • Music - AFA

  • Music - DTA/MRP

Photography Area of Study

  • Photography - AAS

Possible Careers

Art Director
Audio Technician
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Live Sound Engineer
Recording Engineer
Web Designer