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Student smiling in front of a microscope. Student smiling in front of a microscope.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

What is STEM?

SFCC’s STEM Pathway serves students looking to careers based in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, providing them with the opportunity to transfer to their chosen university as major-ready juniors. Supported by an array of courses that includes calculus-based Physics, Chemistry through a full year of Organic Chemistry, Mathematics through Differential Equations, Statics, Dynamics and similar major-based courses in the Life, Physical and Computer Sciences, students can embrace the benefits of our emphasis on access and quality in instruction while building a solid foundation for the classic STEM baccalaureate degrees. For those students looking for employment immediately after completing an SFCC program, we offer a 2 year degree in Information Technology which can lead directly to employment and to a 4 year Applied Baccalaureate degree from SFCC in Information Systems and Technology or Cyber Security. Eligible students may participate in the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) program.

Careers in STEM

Cyber Security
IT Technician
Network Manager
Information System Tech

Choosing the Right Map for You

Some of our programs are aimed at getting you ready to go straight into the workforce, while others prepare you for transfer to a four-year university where you can complete a Bachelor’s degree. Be sure to talk to your advisor to make sure the program you choose matches your goals!

Available Programs and Courses

Astronomy Area of Study

  • Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement

Audio Engineering Area of Study

  • Audio Engineering - AAS

  • Audio Engineering - Certificate

Biology Area of Study

  • Biology - DTA/AS-T1

Chemistry Area of Study

  • Chemistry - AS-T1

Computer Science & Information Systems Area of Study

Engineering Area of Study

Environmental Science Area of Study

  • Environmental Science - AS-T1

Geography Area of Study

  • Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer Agreement

Geology Area of Study

  • Geology - AS-T1

Math Area of Study

  • Math - AA

Math Education Area of Study

  • Math Education - AA/DTA/MRP

Physics Area of Study

  • Physics - AS-T2

Pre-Pharmacy Area of Study

  • Pre-Pharmacy - AS-T1