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Class Search and Course Descriptions

Use the class search below to find courses, descriptions, times, locations and more. Use the advanced search (click more filters) to filter by class numbers, course subject, whether a class is full, find online courses and more.

Beyond the standard search features you can see, be sure to use these expanded search options to improve your results:

  1. Click "More Filters" in the search area to see the advanced options like class times, instructor, open/closed status, subjects and more.
  2. Click on each course in the results to expand further details. With the course expanded, you can see the # of seats available, instructor, class dates and the course description.
  3. Use the check boxes to select courses and print your selection. This is extremely useful for students during the registration process.

Annual Schedule

Every year we publish the classes for the year in a document we call the annual schedule. Click here to view the current annual schedule.