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What is a Homestay Family?

Being a Homestay family for international students is an amazing way to bring the richness of the world to your front door. Many families provide international student housing year after year and form lasting relationships and bridges between cultures. We are always looking for good homes for our students.

Although you are paid a fee for housing our students, most of our Homestay families are not motivated only by the extra income. This is an experience that allows you to share your life and culture with an international student by including them in your family, events, and holidays. Families enjoy both learning about other cultures, but also come to understand their own country better by seeing it through the eyes of an international student.

Our Homestay coordinators review the information provided by our host families and that provided by our international students and try to place students in homes that are a good match for them. We will provide you with training once you are selected to be a Homestay family.

What Must You Provide?

All of our Homestay homes must include a private bedroom for the student, furnished with a bed/linens, desk, chair, lamp, closet and dresser. Homes must have adequate Wi-Fi in addition to safety features such as smoke alarms and legal egress windows. Homestay families provide access to their laundry machines for their student.

You will receive a stipend for being a Homestay family. You can choose to provide meals for the students (you will receive $850 a month) or you can have students provide/prepare their own meals (you will receive $500 a month).

If you are a Homestay family for a student under the age of 18, you will receive $900 a month and you will provide and prepare all meals.

Apply to Be a Homestay Family

If you are ready to apply, please fill out our online Homestay Family Application below.

Do You Still Have Questions?

Please email our homestay team at or call 509-533-4113.

Refer Other Homestay Families to Us

You can also earn a referral fee for every family you refer to us who is approved to become a Homestay family and receives a student. Please email your referral form to:

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