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Special Admissions for Students Under Age 18

Applicants between 16 and 18 may be admitted to a college if they are considered able to benefit from the college's curricular offerings. Enrollment is limited to college-level courses numbered 100 or above. (This limitation does not apply to high school graduates or GED certificate holders.) In order to determine a student's readiness for college-level courses, the student is required to take a placement test which is administered at the Spokane Community College (SCC) and Spokane Falls Community College (SFCC). Generally, a student must place at the college level in reading and writing in order to be eligible for courses other than mathematics. To take mathematics courses, the student must place at the college level in mathematics. Admission may be to individual courses or to a program as determined by admissions officials.

This policy is intended to expand opportunities for younger, qualified students who may not be enrolled in Running Start or other local student enrollment option programs. For currently enrolled high school applicants, a release form for attendance at SCC or SFCC that identifies approved credit classes signed by the student's high school principal must be submitted quarterly. The intent of this policy is not to replace or duplicate the functions of local public schools.


To apply for admission, the following should be on file in the Admissions Office of the college a student plans to attend:

  • State of Washington Community College Application for Admission Form (obtained from a high school counselor, Admissions Office, or the college website) or official Application for Admission Form.

  • Official transcripts from other colleges are not required for admission, but may prove beneficial for purposes of general advising, verifying successful completion of intermediate-level algebra and English composition, and verifying courses that may fulfill prerequisites for other courses and/or programs at the college to which a student applies. Official transcripts can be submitted if the student wishes a review and evaluation for transferable credit toward degree completion and graduation purposes. Students are strongly encouraged to submit official transcripts from all colleges with their applications.

Running Start students applying to SFCC are required to submit high school transcripts.