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Academic Credit for Prior Learning (ACPL)

Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) values college-level knowledge students may have acquired outside the traditional college classroom. You may have acquired this knowledge through past work experience, independent reading and study, training programs or in-service courses, volunteer service, cultural or artistic pursuits, hobbies and recreational pastimes, community or religious activities, organizational memberships, adult education, noncredit courses, study abroad, military training not evaluated for credit by ACE or other experiences.

Academic Credit for Prior Learning (ACPL) enables you to report this knowledge and potentially earn credit for it. Methods for evaluating prior learning include Advanced Placement examination (AP), Armed Forces-Military Education and Experience evaluation (ACE), Challenge examinations, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Industry Training, Certifications and Licensures evaluation, International Baccalaureate examination (IB), and PLA portfolio evaluation.

Students who have been accepted to attend SCC, SFCC or the off-campus centers are eligible for ACPL consideration. No assurances of the number of credits awarded can be made prior to review. While evaluation may occur before starting coursework, credit is granted only once the student completes 10-quarter credits in residence at SCC or SFCC.

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Prior Learning Credit Awards

  • May be used to meet appropriate graduation requirements.

  • Do not count toward the residency requirement (33 percent of the credits required for a degree or certificate).

  • May not satisfy credit load requirements for the purposes of veterans benefit program funding or any other student financial assistance program.

  • May be granted for prior learning/experiential learning following completion of a portfolio class and/or evaluation of the prior learning/experiential learning.

  • Must be obtained using methods approved by the appropriate department chair or designated department faculty member in the discipline for which credit is sought.

  • Credit for prior experiential learning is limited to a maximum of 25 percent of the credits needed for a degree or certificate.

  • Will be identified as credit for prior learning on student transcripts without guarantee of any subsequent transfer.

Process and Fees

Please complete the Application for Prior Learning Assessment Form. For some prior learning assessment, there is a nonrefundable fee payable in advance at the Cashier's Office. No fee is required for credit awarded through AP, CLEP, IB, or military education and experience evaluation.