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Campus Safety at SFCC

We work with the college community to keep our campuses safe and friendly with constant patrols, safety escorts, emergency preparedness plans and operation of campus wide lost-and-found services. (Lost and found will only hold onto items of value and identification cards.) The Office of Campus Security oversees the following three areas: Security, Emergency Management and Parking Services.

  • For Campus Security assistance, call our office at 509-533-3555.
  • For 24-hour or emergency assistance, call 911 first, then call 509-533-3333.
  • For an on-campus security escort, 509-533-3333.

Remember: Always call 911 for immediate emergencies. If on campus, please also call Campus Security, 509-533-3333.

Get Emergency Notifications

If you are an enrolled student, faculty or staff of Community Colleges of Spokane (SCC and SFCC) you are automatically opted into our emergency notification system called RAVE. You can manage your account at Find out more about RAVE alerts and other emergency notifications.

Contact SFCC Campus Security

We are in Building 16, room 145. During the academic year, we are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We close at noon on Fridays during Summer quarter. We contract with State Protection Services for after-hours and weekend security.

Call our office 509-533-3555 during regular working hours or call our 24-hour emergency assistance number at 509-533-3333.

Campus Safety Tips

Personal Safety

  • If you do not feel safe and would like a campus security escort to your car or bus, call 509-533-3333 and a security officer will escort you.
  • Report suspicious behavior.
  • Remember: Always call 911 for immediate emergencies. If you are on campus, please also call Campus Security at 509-533-3333.


  • Do not leave your keys inside an unattended vehicle.

  • Do not leave your vehicle unlocked/unsecured. Make sure windows are closed.

  • Do not leave valuables visible in your car. Instead, lock any valuables in your trunk or, better yet, take them with you. 

  • Do not provide copies of keys or let others know where you keep your keys.

Personal Property

  • Do not leave personal items unattended.

  • Always secure your valuables.

  • Be sure to lock storage cabinets and lockers.

If Your Car Is Broken into on Campus:

  1. Always file a report with police and security.

  2. Call your insurance company.

  3. Secure your personal information by contacting any establishment connected to your name that the thief may try to scam.

  4. Repair any damages done to prevent/deter future theft.

Shots Fired Training Video

This training video outlines procedures and common strategies CCS has adopted in the event that one of our properties experiences a live shooter scenario. This is only for training purposes and has no connection to any past or present security threat.