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Getting a parking ticket can ruin your day. Failing to pay your parking ticket can make you unable to register for classes, get your financial aid or get your transcripts. Of course, the best thing is to avoid tickets by always displaying a paid parking permit or paying your parking meter.

Common Questions about Parking Tickets

Vehicle Booting

In an effort to reduce the number of repeat parking offenders, we use a vehicle immobilization device (commonly known as a boot) on vehicles that meet certain criteria.

The following circumstances would make a vehicle "boot eligible":

  • One unpaid parking ticket on a vehicle with an out-of-state license plate and the owner is unknown

  • Three unpaid tickets on an account or the equal dollar amount of three minimum fines ($90)

  • Three tickets issued to a vehicle in five academic days

  • If, during a probationary period after meeting with the Dean of Student Support Services, the individual violates his or her agreement with the associate dean

  • At the direction of the President of SFCC or designee

For the boot to be removed, the following would need to happen:

  • A removal fee of $30 and all outstanding fines would have to be paid at the Cashiers Office.

  • Proof of payment would then be provided to the SFCC Campus Safety Office and the boot would be removed.

    • If the offender does not pay the fee and fines in full within the specified period, the vehicle will again become "boot eligible."

    • If the offender's vehicle is booted a second time prior to paying the fee and fines, an additional $50 fee will be assessed for the second boot removal.

For information about the college's rights regarding the use of vehicle boots, please see the following resources:

Fines & Penalties Violations - WAC 132Q-20-260
Appeals - WAC 132Q-20-265