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Physical Therapist Assistant

If you want to work in health care and enjoy helping people of all ages, a career as a physical therapist assistant could be for you.

This accredited program prepares you to work under physical therapists to help patients reduce pain, regain motion and prevent disability after an injury or illness. You’ll study anatomy, physiology and social science. You’ll also learn the special techniques, equipment and exercises used to treat patients. The program includes a clinical experience in a local health care setting, where you will practice your skills with real patients.

Whether you want to work in a hospital, rehabilitation center, school, physical therapy clinic or other health care agency, this program will prepare you for a rewarding career in physical therapy.

We hold an informational meeting for prospective students during fall and winter quarters. If you are considering this program, please join us to learn more about the program and the application process, and to get your questions answered. Contact clinical coordinator Emily Orne,

Applications for Fall 2024 will be accepted through the online application portal November 27, 2023 – April 15th, 2024. Late applications will be accepted until August 28th and late applicants will be placed on a waitlist.

To find if this is the right career for you, please contact:

Māpuana Carey, Allied Health Curriculum Advisor 

For questions regarding transferability of previous college credits, please contact

Laura Woods

Program Mission

The Spokane Falls Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program and faculty are committed to developing lifelong learning through excellence in educational and clinical experiences to enable the student to possess skills necessary for successful employment within varied scope of physical therapy practice. The program will strive to admit and graduate students who demonstrate professional behaviors which includes effective communication, commitment to learning, critical thinking, responsibility and therapeutic presence and who will provide physical therapy services ethically within the standards of practice under the guidance and supervision of physical therapists.

Please contact the PTA Program Director for any Concerns regarding the program: or 509-279-6245.

Code 668.43 (a)(5)(v):
The program has determined that its curriculum meets the state educational requirements for licensure or certification in all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands secondary to its accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education based on the following: Accreditation of a Physical therapist assistant program by CAPTE satisfies state education requirements in all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Thus, students graduating from CAPTE-accredited physical therapist assistant education programs are eligible to take the National Physical Therapy Examination and apply for licensure in all states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  For more information regarding state qualifications and licensure requirements, please refer to the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy website @

What You’ll Learn

  • Demonstrate competent data collection techniques to measure patient progress within the plan of care
  • Implement safe physical therapy interventions using appropriate problem-solving skills to progress a patient or modify interventions within the plan of care
  • Analyze common medical, pharmacological, and surgical interventions and their effects on the rehabilitation process for patients seen across the lifespan

You and your advisor will use this program map as a starting point to create a personal education plan customized to your needs. We meet you where you are and help you reach your goals.
Need more details? Check out the requirements for the Physical Therapist Assistant AAS degree. Course descriptions and course learning outcomes can be found in our online catalogue.

Program Map for


Choose program map:

Total Credits: 103

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 101
Introduction to Physical Therapy
PTA 102
Physical Therapy Terminology
PTA 108
Regional Anatomy
PTA 110
PTA Procedures I: Basic PT Procedures Seminar
PTA 170
PTA Procedures I: Basic PT Procedures Lab
PTA 180
Regional Anatomy Lab
Total Credits

Second Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 103
Applied Anatomy
PTA 104
Survey of Pathophysiology
PTA 105
Introduction to Neuroscience
PTA 107
Physical Therapy Documentation
PTA 173
Applied Anatomy Lab
Total Credits

Third Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 111
PTA Procedures II: PT Modalities Seminar
PTA 112
PTA Procedures III: Functional Restoration Seminar
PTA 151
Clinical Experience I
PTA 171
PTA Procedures II: PT Modalities Lab
PTA 172
PTA Procedures III: Functional Restoration Lab
Total Credits


Course ID
Course Title
ENGL& 101
English Composition I
Algebra II
Choose 1 course from:
PSYC& 100
General Psychology
PSYC& 220
Abnormal Psychology
Total Credits

Fourth Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 202
Introduction to Orthopedics
PTA 210
PTA Procedures IV: Therapeutic Exercise Seminar
PTA 212
PTA Procedures VI: Pediatric Rehab Seminar
PTA 251
Clinical Experience II
PTA 254
Clinical Seminar II
PTA 270
PTA Procedures IV: Therapeutic Exercise Lab
PTA 272
PTA Procedures VI: Pediatric Rehab Lab
Total Credits

Fifth Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 201
Issues in Physical Therapy and Health Care
PTA 203
Physical Therapy Preparatory Lab
PTA 211
PTA Procedures V: Rehab Applications Seminar
PTA 252
Clinical Experience III
PTA 255
Clinical Seminar III
PTA 271
PTA Procedures V: Rehab Applications Lab
Total Credits

Sixth Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
PTA 253
PTA Clinical Affiliation
Total Credits

Maximum estimated costs for completing this program

  • Tuition

  • Resident

  • Non-Resident

  • International

  • Books

  • Course Fees

  • Institutional Fees


  • The amounts listed for tuition and lab & course fees reflects a maximum estimated cost and may be lower based on courses selected.
  • The amount listed for books is a maximum estimated cost based on the price of new textbooks purchased during the previous school year. Costs may be lower based on student choices and availability (used books vs new, rental vs purchase).
  • For more information about costs, visit our page How Much Does It Cost?
CAPTE required financial costs summary.

  • Mapuana Carey
    Mapuana Carey
    Program Specialist 2

  • Lance Best
    Lance Best
    Allied Health Instruct Tech
  • Cynthia Cobbs
    Cynthia Cobbs
    Office Manager
  • Renee Compton
    Renee Compton
    Physical Therapist Asst
    A.A.S., Yakima Valley Community College; A.A., Spokane Falls Community College; B.Ed., Gonzaga University; M.S.Ed., St. Joseph's College of Maine
  • Susan Gray
    Susan Gray
    Instr&Classroom Supt Tch2
  • Megan Guthrie-Martinez
    Megan Guthrie-Martinez
    Physical Therapist Asst
    B.S., University of West Florida; A.A., Spokane Falls Community College
  • Stacey Kent
    Stacey Kent
  • Dana McPhee
    Dana McPhee
    Physical Therapist Asst
    B.S., Gonzaga University; M.S., Pacific University
  • Skylor Mitchell
    Skylor Mitchell
    Administrative Assistant 2
  • Emily Orne
    Emily Orne
    Allied Health Clinical Coord
  • Amy Sanderson
    Amy Sanderson
  • Megan Slayton
    Megan Slayton
  • Katelyn Smith
    Katelyn Smith
    Administrative Assistant 3

Spokane Falls Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Spokane Falls Community College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

Address: 3030 Potomac Ave., Suit 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085
Phone: 703-706-3245

If needing to contact the program/institution directly, please call the Program Director at 509-279-6245 or e-mail

Date of Initial Accreditation: May 1997
Accredited: November 2, 2021 - November 2, 2031

Please see Student Learning Outcomes listed here

Student Outcomes

Year of Graduation

2020 2021 2022 2023 2022-2023 (2-year average for graduation, licensure pass rate and employment rate)

Number of applications received

69 68 62 21 N/A

Number of Students Matriculated (1)

24 14 19 13 N/A

Graduation Rate 

100% 93.8% 90.5% 86.7 89%

First time Licensure Exam Pass Rate (2)

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Percent of Graduates Employed Within 1 Year

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
  1. Applicants who were offered a place in the class who enrolled and began the program.

  2. Pass rate is based on the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy data.

  3. Graduate survey data.


Employment Opportunities

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Spokane Falls Community College engages in continuous and systematic evaluation and improvement. We welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism as part of that process. The Grievance/Due Process policies (PTA program Student Handbook, Community Colleges of Spokane website and ) provide a voice for current and prospective students, employees, and other affiliated persons. However, individuals in the community who do not have a formal affiliation with this institution or program are also welcome to provide comments according to the following policy:

  1. This process is only for comments or concerns that cannot be addressed by existing grievance/due process procedures described in the above links or the PTA Program Student Handbook.
  2. Comments must be provided in writing and signed by the author. Anonymous submissions will not be acknowledged, nor will written comments provided on behalf of an anonymous source.
  3. Comments must be submitted to the following address:
    PTA Program Director
    Spokane Falls Community College
    2917 W Whistalks Way, MS 3029
    Spokane, WA 99224-5202
    The complainant has the right to be free from retaliation following complaint submission.
  4. The PTA Program Director shall respond to all comments within seven (7) business days to further determine if the complaint needs to be handled by administration or can be resolved at the program level. If satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Dean of Business, Professional Studies and Workforce Education within seven (7) business days. Again, if satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Office of the President within seven (7) business days. The decision of the President will be final and not subject to further appeal. Neither the Dean nor the President will become involved until all attempts to resolve the issue with the Program Director have been exhausted, unless the comment is directly related to the performance of the Program Director.
  5. Records of all correspondence will be confidentially maintained by the Program Dean's Office for five (5) years. These records are not open to the public.

Complaints regarding accreditation of this program should be addressed to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)
3030 Potomac Ave., Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22305-3085

Clinical education experiences play an important role in physical therapy education. Through clinical experiences, students are given the opportunity to develop and refine skills learned in the classroom by giving actual patient care in the clinic under structured supervision. For more information, see the Clinical Instructor Handbook.

Pre-requisites: BIOL 241
Number of students each start: 16 or 24; alternates every year.
Applications deadline: April 15, 2024
Notes: Information booklet and PTA Online Application

Admission Requirements

  • Apply for admission to SFCC.

  • Prior to application to the program, complete one quarter anatomy and physiology lab course (BIOL 241 or equivalent), completed within the last five years with a 2.0 grade or better. Also, even though BIOL& 160 is not a prerequisite for BIOL& 241 for PTA students, it is recommended. (May be waived by counseling center or program director.)

  • Complete the PTA Online Application. Applications are due by April 15, 2024.

Admission Recommendations

Since the selection process is based on points, it is beneficial to meet the admission recommendations prior to applying to the program. 

  • Appropriate placement test scores for English and math (unless you already have received a 2.0 in a college level English and Math course). If you have not taken college level math, after receiving your Student Identification Number (SID), call to schedule your placement exam at the SFCC testing center at 509-533-3401

  • General Psychology (PSYC 100)

  • It is recommended that applicants have at least 40 hours of work or volunteer experience in the field of physical therapy or other related healthcare setting


Upon Admission

  • Satisfactory TOEFL scores for students where English is their second language (contact the program for acceptable scores). Please refer to for more information. 

  • Each successful PTA applicant may be required to complete a background check, drug testing and submit proof of immunization. Clinical facilities may deny access to a student for any of the following: 

    • Lack of current immunizations required by the site

    • A "discrepancy" on the criminal background check

    • A positive drug test

While entrance to the PTA Program may not be denied because of such a rating, without access to the clinical facilities a student may not be able to satisfactorily complete the PTA program and will be so advised. 

Essential requirements needed for the profession which include communication skills, cognitive demands, physical skills and behavioral, social and professional skills are discussed in greater detail in the program information booklet.

The PTA program incorporates a selective process for admission. This process uses a point system based on coursework and experience as outlined in the application. Please be aware that the completion of all prerequisites does not ensure admission to the program.

Interested PTA program applicants do not need to take BIOL 160 (Biology) as a prerequisite for BIOL 241 (Anatomy and Physiology). With questions regarding this prerequisite please contact Laura Woods at 509-533-3530 or

The technical courses for the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program are not designed to transfer to four-year schools.

A national licensing examination is required for all states in order to practice as a physical therapist assistant.

Have a question? Let's hear it.

Renée Compton

Program Director

Laura Woods


Māpuana Carey

Pathways Specialist
Building 19, Office 106