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Office Assistant

This program is scheduled to be discontinued and will no longer be accepting new applicants.

If you are a multi-tasker who wants to work in an office environment, this certificate program could be a good match for you.

In this program, you’ll gain the skills necessary to perform general business and office duties. You’ll learn how to prepare business documents, do bookkeeping, manage files, use the Internet effectively, schedule with electronic calendars and deliver positive customer service.  

Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce, or you are looking to update your skillset, certification as an office assistant could help your resume stand out from the rest. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Jamie Southwell
    Jamie Southwell
    Program Specialist 2

  • Donna Evenson
    Donna Evenson
    Administrative Office Syst
    B.A., Washington State University; M.Ed., Eastern Washington University
  • Stephanie Freeman
    Stephanie Freeman
  • Jenny Hubbard
    Jenny Hubbard
    Instr&Classroom Supt Tch2

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Jamie Southwell

Pathways Specialist
Building 24, Room 125