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If you’re drawn to the dynamic world of business but you haven’t yet decided what program or career you want to pursue, consider starting with the Exploratory Map for the Business Pathway.  

The Business Exploratory Map is a one-quarter sequence designed to give you the time and opportunity to explore the programs within the Business Pathway so you can choose an area that fits with your interests and goals. 

The courses on this map have been carefully selected so that you can explore your areas of interest while at the same time earning some valuable credits toward a degree or certificate.  

The Business Exploratory Map includes the following areas of study:  

NOTE: Check out the career information on each of these pages to help inform your decision!  

Our goal for you is that by the end of your exploration, you’ll be ready to choose the degree or certificate that is right for you. With the assistance of an advisor, you’ll make a plan to maximize the credits you’ve earned as you transition to your chosen pathway.

This program map is not a degree or certificate, it is a two-quarter sequence of classes that gives you time to explore the programs within this pathway. You’ll earn some transferable credits while investigating your interests and finding your passion. 

At the end of the two-quarters, you’ll choose the degree or certificate that is right for you. With the assistance of an advisor, you’ll create a personal education plan to maximize the credits you’ve earned as you transition to your chosen pathway. 

Program Map for


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Total Credits: 12

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
BUS& 101
Introduction to Business
GUID 105
Student Success
Choose 1 course from:
CMST 227
Intercultural Communication
ENGL& 101
English Composition I
Total Credits
  • Tuition

  • Resident

  • Non-Resident

  • International

  • Avg. Books

  • Max. Course Fees

  • Institutional Fees


These dollar amounts reflect the total cost of completing the program. More details
All dollar figures appearing below reflect the total cost of completing the program described by the Typical Student Schedule located on this web page, which are for the current graduation requirements of this program. Exact totals may vary depending on the catalog requirements you are following, if you have transferred in courses, or if you have been granted substitutions.

Tuition, program fees, and course fees are for the current academic year, as approved by the Community Colleges of Spokane Board of Trustees. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Washington State Legislature and/or the Community Colleges of Spokane Board of Trustees.

Resident tuition is what Washington residents pay. Non-Resident tuition is what out-of-state students pay. International tuition is what out-of-country students pay. For clarification on residency, see Determining your Residency Status.

Avg. Books & Supplies: $942 for an academic year.
The cost for books and course-related material is an estimate based on the Washington Financial Aid Association’s annual student budget. The actual cost of textbooks and course-related supplies can vary widely depending on your program of study and the options you have for obtaining textbooks and other course material.

Program Fees are one-time costs required for the program that are not included in course fees or in tuition. These fees include things like tools, equipment, and uniforms. Only a few programs have program fees.

Max. Course Fees cover the cost of special equipment and materials needed to complete coursework. These fees are not included in tuition. Not all courses have fees and the actual costs that a student pays will vary depending on the courses taken.

Institutional Fees cover a variety of services for students, such as class registration, technology support, health clinic services, bus passes, and more. Most of these fees are instituted after a vote by the student body.

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