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Art student drawing. Art student drawing.

Humanities: Thought & Expression

What is Humanities: Thought and Expression?

Humanities students approach things differently. It’s not just the way they think but the way they deal with challenges that sets them apart. In an era of innovation, humanities students hone the tools needed to diversify themselves to meet the complexities of the marketplace--clear thinking, speaking, and writing—preparing them to express their ideas and influence the world. The Humanities Pathway can lead students to a variety of career paths, from marketing and communication to teaching or law. Consider turning your passion for the humanities into a path to a four-year degree by learning to grapple with the common issues and ideas running throughout different cultures and throughout human history. What can a humanities student do with their degree? Anything they want.

Careers Humanities: Thought and Expression

Communication Director

Choosing the Right Map for You

Some of our programs are aimed at getting you ready to go straight into the workforce, while others prepare you for transfer to a four-year university where you can complete a Bachelor’s degree. Be sure to talk to your advisor to make sure the program you choose matches your goals!