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Transformational Experiences through Global Education


Yuyan “Alan” Hu and his mother Min CaoMin Cao, mother of SFCC alum Yuyang “Alan” Hu, visited her son in Spokane this past summer. We wanted to share her exact words, translated from Chinese, about her first impressions and her Spokane experience.“When my son told me the news that he wouldn’t visit China this summer, I made a spontaneous and ad-venturous decision. Nervous and excited, I packed up lightly and flew to the beautify city – Spokane, WA! The city lacks nothing of a very pleasant climate. Forests, green grass, parks, and water falls disperse around the city. I have been overjoyed in discovering the thousands of beauties hidden in this strange world, pondering the different attitudes toward life, and experiencing the different customs and cultures. During my visit, my son shoulders all the responsibility of taking care of his own mom. He picked me up from the airport and made all the arrangements for my trip. Each moment is so perfect. How I want time to pause!”

~ Min Cao, China, Mother of SFCC alum Yuyan “Alan” Hu


Navpreet Batth Kaur, SCC student, Electronics Engineering Technology“I am grateful just to be here in Spokane and in the USA. I have accomplished so much with the help of some of my favorite people, including my professors Steve Wilson and Judy Irwin. I also feel that I have really changed as a person because of my experience – I feel more confident than I ever have before. GREATEST Experience EVER.”


~ Navpreet Batth Kaur, SCC student, Electronics Engineering Technology



Tom Affholter Network Design and Administration Instructor at SCC“Adnan was an outstanding student and I enjoyed our many discussions about American life, Islam, and Tunisian history. I asked him a lot of questions during that year, as I learn too, from my students. I didn’t want the guy to be alone on an American holiday where families gather together, so I invited him to my house for Thanksgiving. He took pictures of every, single dish, and even had his father join in live on Face Time to experience the evening. We stay in touch – he’s a bright young man and I know he will be doing great things in his life.”


~ SCC Faculty Tom Affholter, Network Design and Administration


Judith Starr, SCC student“Thanks to the International Peer Mentor (IPM) program I I’ve gotten a chance to meet other students and explore many parts of the world with them, all while sitting in my desk here at SCC. This opportunity to meet so many people from around our world has had a profound impact on me. I’m much more sensitive to the cultural differences that we may experience when interacting and I didn’t have this discernment before now. I appreciate the time and effort that went into making this group happen for all of us.”


~ Judith Starr, SCC student



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