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International High School Completion Program House System 2018-2019


High School Completion Program group photo of students
The concept of the house system (think Harry Potter) could be considered a mentoring program for first-year International High School Completion (HSC) students. The mentors are the “House Leaders” and mentees are new HSC students arriving each quarter. By joining the HSC house system, students will have access to resources and will be socially engaged in activities that help them grow and develop not just as a student but also as a global professional. Currently, there are four houses composed of two leaders and 6-8 house members. Each “house” organizes weekly activities that range from card making, fun interactive game nights, dinner and social outings, and major events. These events unite every house for fun, friendly, and interactive competitions. The main goal for the house system is to give students a sense of unity and community when they first step on the SFCC campus. At the same time, the house system is fully student-created, implemented and managed.

The house system gives opportunity for all HSC students to find ways to grow together at SFCC.

Fun Facts

3.42 Average student GPA

83 students currently enrolled

35+ students in Spring 2019 graduating class



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